Saturday, March 13, 2010

Invitations Continued

This is an unusual project: I received this invitation
from a young lady in North Carolina. My daughter
has a friend there, Lynn, that was in my daughter's wedding.
I did Lynn's invitation for her as a wedding gift from
my daughter.
This young lady saw Lynn's, and wanted me to do hers
as a gift for her husband...are you with me so far?
Anyway, here is is! It was a foldover format, so the
top section was the front of the invitation, and the
bottom section was the printed part. She wanted the
colors of the wedding, which were a burgandy red
and champagne. The swirls were already embossed
into the paper, and I just enhanced them. Then I
added the design on the bottom part. Then I cut the
mat to mount them in. I will ship it to her, and she
will get to surprise her husband with it for their one
year anniversary. I love surprises!

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