Friday, March 26, 2010

A Full Day of Art

Lots to do today...first of all, I have to draw that
building, the Huey P. Long Vocational School. They
are going to build a new building, and they would
like a portrait of this old location to hang in their
lobby. I am going to do it in pen and ink wash;
kinda vintage style. So, I took the photos on the way
to work this morning.
Then, I finished my pig for the Hog Dog Festival
competition. It is a BLT Sandwich (as if you couldn't
tell)...anyway, the weather is doing it's best to destroy
our entry. I added the "tulle lettuce", and the large
waterproof tomatoes; hopefully, it will last through the
Then, late this afternoon, I did another drawing lesson
with Ricky. He is a senior in high school, and participating
in the Senior Project. They have to select a skill they
want to learn, find a mentor to teach them, and complete
a final project along with a presentation at the end of the
semester. He will spend 15 hours with me learning to
draw in pencil. His final project is a portrait of his house.
And then, on my way home, I stopped to photograph this
lovely crabapple tree that is in downtown near the gallery.
I love to see it every spring; the delicate pink blooms make
me smile. I managed to find a bee, busy at work. Me too!
info on private drawing lessons:
$10.00 an hour, ages 10 and up
email me if interested

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