Sunday, March 7, 2010

sign of the times

In some circles, I am considered a very
accomplished artist. I have been admitted
to juried art competitions all over the nation,
and have won numerous awards for my
work. I have had a couple of one-woman
shows, and have had articles written about
me published in major national magazines. I
am a signature member of an international
art society, and a fellow in a New York City
art association.
And yet, when someone needs a name
painted on a photo album, who else do they
turn to?! When you live in a small rural town,
almost no one really understands what
you do. They just know you paint pretty "pitchers",
and they know you can do just about anything
they ask. When I was teaching at the high school,
I never saw my principal until he needed me to
paint "Must Pay to Re-Enter" on the stadium
signs before football season every year. I actually
believe he thought that was all I was really good for.
Oh well, that part of my life is over, but I am still
doing small jobs for small town people. I guess it
could be worse...
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