Saturday, April 3, 2010


While in Round Top, our little group stayed at
the Mariposa Ranch. It is a bed and breakfast
in the Texas countryside outside of Brenham.
There are several houses on the property, and
a central office and kitchen where breakfast was
served. The last photograph is of the chapel that
the owner built for his daughter's wedding. It
was a great place for a little quiet meditation.
From what I was told, these accomodations are
booked a year in advance of the Round Top festivals
each year. They are held the first week in April, and
the first week in October. Before we checked out,
they were asking us to reserve for next year, or else
someone on the waiting list would get an opportunity.
lucky us or lucky them!
Mariposa Ranch Bed and Breakfast
Brenham, TX

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