Saturday, April 17, 2010

Promise of the Flowers

I took a long afternoon walk today after a short
spring shower. I came across these blackberry
vines in full bloom. There used to be lots of these
across the back of our pasture. When my daughter
was small, we would walk to the back with buckets,
and pick the berries. There are countless thorns on
the vines, so you had to be careful. But we would
always manage at least part of one bucket before we
gave in. My husband loves blackberry cobbler, and
always told me how his grandmother used to make it
all the time. His grandfather would put it in a mayonnaise
jar and take it with him. I still make him some from time
to time, without the jar, and he still loves it.

I am almost finished with the pen and ink drawing. Will post

the final results soon.
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