Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Flower Pots

A couple more little watercolors to sell at the
upcoming Le Jardin Garden Tour. I am trying
to do some ahead of time, so I will have more
things to sell than just the things I can finish
that day.

I have done a lot of painting on location. It is
one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy interacting
with the people, and they are always intrigued to
get to watch an artist at work. I have done it
several times in San Antonio (my home town),
in front of the Alamo and down on the riverwalk.
I have painted in the Grand Canyon, on the Grand
Canal in Venice, in the gardens in Charleston, and
down in the French Quarter. I am always honored
when someone buys my work as soon as I finish it;
it is such a thrill, and such validation (which is
one thing I believe all artists need!) I would love to
hear some of your stories of being an artist out in the me with some details!
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