Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Round Top

This is why the population of Round Top
swells every spring and fall....antiques, and
lots of them. I did buy some things for the
shop, but not until I had looked and shopped
a lot. There is so much to see, you can't
possibly begin to see it all.
There was a definite "look"...the light grey
washed furniture with the printed burlap
upholstery; lots of wire chandeliers; large
lanterns and garden urns; a very urban
chic antique style. There are some blogs
that define this style (I am not sure whose
they are..but I am sure you could find them
if you look). And then there was lots
of the primitive and eclectic antiques that I am
more fond of. "To each his own..." there was
plenty for all!
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