Monday, April 19, 2010

Louisiana Pecan Festival Poster contest

The deadline for the Louisiana Pecan Festival
Poster is May 1. I have been playing around with
some design ideas. I have never entered before.
I am usually not interested in entering these contests;
I usually think my art is not very applicable, or
the competition is too stiff, and I don't have a chance.
But they have contacted me for the last two years,
and I feel kind of obligated to at least send something
in. I tried looking up past winners, and could only
find one: a very realistic watercolor still life with
pecan products (pecan syrup, pecan pie, a bag of
pecans, etc).
Anyway, I am thinking graphic, with some browns,
blues, and aqua. Will post the progress.
Louisiana Pecan Festival Colfax, LA Fall 2010
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