Friday, April 16, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere

Lately it seems like I have had commissions hanging
over my head ( it is really a good problem to have!)
So, while I am doing some garden stuff and also
doing some New Orleans things, I am supposed to be
working on this large pen and ink drawing for the
local Huey P. Long Vocational School.
This is their old historic building,
and they are going to build a new one soon. They
wanted a drawing of the original building to hang in the
lobby of the new school.

I am doing it in ink first, and then I will use an ink
wash and some thin watercolor washes to fill it in
and give it a nostalgic look. I read some great advice
in my new Art Calendar magazine yesterday about
time management: a concept I think all artists struggle
with. It said that if you have a big project to tackle,
work in small available time slots...if you think you are
going to have long, uninterrupted blocks of time to
finish it, you are fooling yourself! So take advantage
of even small amounts of time to get at least something
done. So that's what I did tonight, and I got started
at least. Will try to post progress as I go.
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