Monday, April 26, 2010

In the Garden

I am back from a weekend in the garden, painting
and visiting with the over 1000 visitors that made
the tour. It was delightful weather after the storms
passed through Friday night; cool, sunny, with a
light breeze.
I did some watercolors, and sold some as I painted
them. I also took my pastels, and worked on a large
still life of some beautiful peonies in a vase that the
owner had displayed at the entry way. All in all, it
was a good time. Maybe I will get some visitors to
the gallery that will make the journey down to Winnfield.
I am going to be giving away several of the little
watercolors that I did of the garden. The owner took
2 of them, but I have about 5 left, and thought I would
give them away to my followers. I will draw some names
out, and try to notify you tomorrow. Good Luck!!
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