Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Animal Magnetism

These little "toros", bulls, along with the
cross, are on lots of the rooftops. They
are for good luck and good fortune.

cute donkeys...taking a break from work

Llama with an attitude

This is a vicuna, a rare animal in the Andes.  They are used
for wool as well


Some sheep out in the Sacred Valley

I decided to share some of the animals we saw 
along the way in Peru.  
First of all, there were little bulls on the rooftops, 
usually with a cross, too.  Our guide told us that 
they were for good luck and God's blessing.
We saw some llamas, alpacas, and vicunas. 
The llamas are the largest, and they are used 
as pack animals.  The alpacas are smaller, 
and cuter!  They use the wool, and make those 
beautiful sweaters.  The vicuna were more rare, 
and the smallest of the three.
We saw donkeys everywhere.  They were used 
to carry all kinds of goods.  And of course, 
we saw lots of sheep, too.  Really cool


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