Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Woman in Watercolor

Beginning stages of watercolor painting...a light sketch of the outline

Initial washes of color...very light

Adding some shadows and building up the washes as I go

Finally got to start working on some of the Peru art tonight.  I
had some visitors in the gallery today, and I was telling them there
would be a Peruvian art show at Christmas, so I thought
I should at least start on something!  This photo of this woman
in Cuzco was one of my favorites.  I like the light and
shadows, and the colored pattern on the clothing, etc. 
This woman was selling little Peruvian dolls, and she was in
front of our hotel every morning as we boarded the bus.
One day the police came and ran her off; they are not
supposed to be selling items to the tourists outside of the
marketplace.  But she was back the next day...hopeful for
some customers!
I will continue to work on this painting and will post as I
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