Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adding the Details

The watercolor painting with some of the details added

a part of the painting with masking fluid added

close-up of the painting with masking fluid applied

Masking fluid

I continued to work on this painting tonight, and
added many of the details needed to give it
some depth, design and dimension.  Then I added
the masking fluid over most of the outline of
the figure.  This fluid creates a waterproof seal
over the painted portions, so I can freely
wet the background area.  I will do some
really wet and loose, wet into wet paint in
the background that will be in contrast to the
tightly painted figure.  This is the stage in the
painting that can make it or break it, depending on
how well I can control the wet paint.  I'll keep
my fingers crossed and my brush moving!
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