Saturday, May 5, 2012

Busy Days

Reading a sketchbook together

Checking out the artwork

Edwin Edwards, former governor of Louisiana, with
the Pea Patch employees

Downtown Garage Sale  May 5

Garage Sale
It has been a really busy few days at the
Pea Patch. 
I had 40 art students come for lunch the
other day, and after lunch, I did a short
program about sketchbook journals.  The
students enjoyed looking at some of my
finished ones from various trips.
Before I left for Peru, Governor Edwin Edwards
was in town for a book signing down at the
Louisiana Political Museum.  He and his
entourage came to eat lunch after he was done.
Here he is posing with all of my employees.
And then today was our second annual
downtown garage sale.  We had over 25
booths with all sorts of  trash and treasures!
We had a great turnout, and we were able to
move some merchandise and have lots of
fun too.
(maybe I'll get to do some art tomorrow!)

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