Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bon Appetit Peru Style

A plate of typical Peruvian food: A slice of chicken, some
fried rice, sweet potatoes, some yellow corn on the cob, some corn nuts,
some avocados stuffed with chicken salad, and some
chocolate mousse in the glass.
This drink is a pisco sour...the national drink

Some desserts: a lemon tart, a caramel pudding, and some
flan, a Spanish custard...yum

An empanada...a fried pie stuffed with chicken

Another yummy chocolate thing..

This woman was cooking in the market place. Santos
told us it was his favorite dish...some kind of chicken
and vegetables

This woman was frying plantains..a
tropical banana

This is a trio of sorbets with a sugar crystal
And these are some scallops...delicious

I usually don't take many pictures of food, so some of these
were taken by my daughter.  I was very surprised by the
gourmet foods we were served.  My son in law, who is
a gourmet cook, was very impressed by the meals.
The three of us did try some guinea was served as
an appetizer, rolled up in a corn tortilla.  The meat was
grilled, and tasted like pork.  I promise when we do the
dinner party and Peru Art show, we will not
serve it!

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