Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peruvian Artists

I always enjoy buying some original art
when I travel.  And I was delighted to find
so many watercolors down in Peru.  Our
tour director, Edwin, told us he had a friend
named Santos, and that we would meet him in
Cuzco.  Santos is an artist, and he paints in
watercolor and acrylic.  We did meet him, and
most of the group bought a painting from him.
I bought the one of the village.
I also found a little gallery in Aguas Calientes,
the town at the foot of Macchu Pichu.  I bought
the other watercolor of the field workers there. I
really like is different from many of the
paintings that I saw.  And I also got to see examples
of people in the fields as we traveled around the
country, especially in the Sacred Valley.
nice work

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