Saturday, February 16, 2013

Art Show and Tell

These are selections from the YACA art competition.
This piece is a pencil drawing with  real objects added...very cool.

This is a 3 dimensional abstract piece.  Reminds me of
topographical land maps...and I like the colors.

This is colored pencil.   I thought the rendering was nice and
I also love the colors in this one.

When I first saw this piece, I wasn't sure what it was.
Then I realized it was piano keys.  

Very interesting drawing of an Indian woman

This is another drawing that has 3 dimensional
objects added...the butterfly wings came away from the surface. 

And this was absolutely stunning!  It was drawn with
charcoal, and  it was the talk of the show.  I was not
there for the awards, but I am sure this one took top honors.
There is no way I was drawing anything this well
in high school?!  Congrats to the teachers
and students whose talents were well represented.

YACA (youth art council of America)
Look into this organization if you are an
art teacher or art student...well worth it

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