Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Learning Curve

In our Tuesday art class today, Dana finished her egret
painting.  I thought she did a nice job.

This is her next project...a white iris.  She applied the masking fluid
onto the paper, covering up the drawing of the flower.  She will
continue on it next week.

This is Jordan's "Louisiana" montage piece.  She designed the whole
thing.  It is for a contest, and has to have a Louisiana theme.  I think
she got it all in there!  She will keep working on it.

I have two new students in the group...a couple of friends wanted to learn some basic things, and today was their first day.  I started them off with
 some pen and ink.  Students always have some success with it.  They
both did very well,
drawing this little bird using different techniques with the pen.

And this is my finished egret watercolor painting.  It is about 12
 inches by 16 inches, and I would like to sell it.  I would take $40
for it if anyone is interested.  I can ship it free!  Just leave me a
comment or email me:

Info on Adult Art classes:
Tuesdays  from 4-5 pm  $10 an lesson
Call the gallery to register  318-628-3560

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