Friday, February 1, 2013


We have been moving things around for the last couple of
weeks, since I got home from market.  This is our display
in the windows at the front of the shop now.  We moved the
large cabinet made from the doors into the middle and
built around it....lots of new spring stuff.

Then I got the bright idea to put this old bench on top of the
cabinet...and it fit.  We added some birdcages and
pots for good measure.

This cute wheelbarrow is reproduction, but
adorable.  The globe is really old, and so is the scale.  The
box it is all sitting on is new, but made to look old.

I love the sign about what our children teach us!

More of our new spring stuff...lots of things for outside
and the garden.

Our handyman, Nelson, never knows what I am going to ask him to do
next.  But he is always game, whatever it is.  Today, we hung up
two things, a bicycle, and this old ladder.  Our ceilings in the Pea Patch
are 14 feet tall, and I am always looking for something to fill up
the vertical space!  You see me doing a great job of holding the ladder,
and cheering him on.

The friend taking the pics said it didn't look nearly as
scary on film as it did in real life!

Nelson even agreed to add the finishing touches of hanging up the
purses on our new "ladder purse rack".

Tah Dah!  Now, I just hope no one wants to buy all of them tomorrow!
This display is in my friend Beverly's booth.  She was
wanting a way to hang the purses up high...well now she
has one!

I heard from several of you about the dinner party. 
The spots are going

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