Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's a Little Sketchy

When I was at market in Dallas, I had many requests for a
Texas-themed design, and a boot design.  So, I have been
working on some sketches...working out ideas, etc.  This is
always the first step in the process!

I have been trying to decide on slogans or sayings too.  The
bags I am thinking about are a little larger, and would
make a good weekend bag.  

There is a bright turquoise bag and a good red bag.  I would like to
use them.  The Texas design would be good on the red bag,
and the boot design will be on the turquoise bag.  I would like to
get a sample bag from the company in order to match the colors well.

I will try to post the progress on these designs.  yeehaw!
I would welcome any comments or suggestions.

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