Thursday, August 21, 2014

Louisiana Pecan Festival Poster Time

I got some fun exciting news today.  This is my entry for the Louisiana
Pecan Festival poster from last year.  I didn't do a new design this
year.  But they called , and said they wanted to use this
design for this year's poster. yea!  But I do have to change the date to
2014.  As soon as that is done, it is off to the Pecan Festival office in Colfax.

They will print them, and I will have to go down there and sign all of
them.  They will be on sale during the festival which is the first
weekend in November.  Why not plan to go, eat some pecan pie,
buy a poster, and jam to some music!

I am still working on the digital copy of the Galapagos book.  I am
about a third of the way through.  It is looking pretty good.
Will keep you posted.

And...anyone interested in going with me to Germany,
Switzerland, and Austria next summer...there are only 5 spots
left!  So, if you want to go, hurry and sign up to reserve a spot.
just sayin....

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