Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paint All Around

I was captivated in the islands by the interesting landscape....
the black lava rock with the white bird "graffiti" decorating it.
Here is a little watercolor of a blue footed boobie perched atop some
lava formation, dripping with the white shapes.  It is about 9 x 12, and is

Painting Class...with Chalk Paint

Molly Hunt came today and taught a painting class in the
studio.  She and her daughter sell this kind of paint in a booth
in my store, and they offer classes on how to use it.  She
had just 3 students today, but she is planning to teach more
classes soon, including next Saturday, the 23rd.

This is a sample of what they painted today.  They used some
 different waxes, and some gold leaf to get
different effects.  It looked like fun!

Some of their supplies.  The class on the 23rd is at 10 am, $75.00, and all supplies
are included.  You can call the gallery if you might be interested.

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