Thursday, August 14, 2014

To Grandmother's House We Go

Had a chance late last night to finish up the ink drawing of
this house.  I will go ahead now and paint it with watercolor.
The house itself is not very colorful...just white with dark green shutters.
The mass of bushes out front are all azaleas, and they are bright
pink.  There will be lots of shades of green: light greyish green in the
background, dark green foliage on the bushes, and a medium
green on the grassy lawn.  I will post again after it is painted.

For info on house portraits (great Christmas gifts for the person
who has everything!), email me or call the gallery.  Very reasonable,
and there is still plenty of time.  Let me know if you would be
interested.  Thanks!
Pea Patch Gallery  318-628-3560

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