Friday, August 22, 2014

Sally the Crab

Sally Lightfoot

Finished this crab watercolor!  It was so fun!  I LOVE the primary color scheme...
red, blue, and yellow.  Do you think God was thinking about that when He
made them?  This is a mature crab; we saw lots of them.  The immature ones were
very dark...grey or black with lots of spots.  They don't get this bright coloring till
they are full grown.  They were stunning.  And they were very
entertaining to watch...tiptoeing (is that a word?) across the sand or lava.
I went ahead and left the background white, because I wanted that nice blue
shadow underneath.  I also added some colored pencil on several areas to
add some texture.
It is about 22 x 13, and is for sale.  $200
 It will be on display up at the gallery after I get it matted.

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