Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nothing to Dread

This is one of the interesting people I photographed during the Ecuador
trip.  He was at the market in Otovalo, playing the pan flute and
strumming his guitar.  His dreadlocks were very interesting, and I liked
the shadows on his white shirt, etc.  I also like the composition.
But I knew it would be a little bit challenging to draw.

I started on it.  This is Mi-Tientes drawing paper.  It comes in a variety
of colors.  This is a sandstone color.  When using colored paper,
you have to put down a whole lot of white pencil first.  Otherwise, the colors
will not be bright enough.  So, this is the first step; I am layering some white
colored pencil on the paper, paying attention to the highlights.  I printed
the photo in b & w also, to help define those values.  It should be fun!

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