Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to the mountains

I believe one on the hardest things I have to do
as an artist, is to focus. I can have a goal, this
Palms to Pines show for example, but it seems
there are always distractions. I may want to
sit and concentrate on these paintings, but I
am not always able to block out other demands.

I finished one of the commission portraits last
night, and I shipped off the Utah paintings. I am
now working on the last portrait. I should be able
to finish it tomorrow night. The surprise trip to
the Bahamas was a welcome distraction!, but now
I need to get back to painting.

When we went up the mountain in Skagway, there
was still snow on top of the mountain. The pines
there were very small, and they told us that they
might be as much as 100 years old, but the harsh
conditions stunt their growth. At the end of the rail
line, is the town of Frasier, Canada. Only 7 people
live there year round. What an existence for the
trees and the people!

Original ink & watercolor Frasier pines 5 x 7 $30.00
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