Wednesday, August 1, 2007


One of the stops on the Alaska cruise is Skagway. I think all the cruise ships
stop there. It is a tiny little town, and very frontier-like. It has wooden sidewalks
and rustic storefronts. It is in a valley at the edge of the ocean, and its' name
means, "the place of the wind". It lived up to its' name the day we were there.
A guide told us that there are times in the winter when the wind is hurricane
force for days at a time, and they stay inside until the wind subsides.

This town has one small medical clinic with a physician's assistant. Their biggest
crime is bicycle theft. And they have only one grocery store that receives goods
once a week on Tuesday. They really frown on tourists shopping in their grocery
store. And the closest Walmart is 110 miles away.

We took the White Pass & Yukon Railroad through the mountains and the scenery
was beautiful.

Skagway Original watercolor 7 x 10 $45.00
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