Sunday, August 12, 2007

Musher's camp Falls

You're probably saying, "wow, today's painting looks just
like a photograph!" ...that's because it is! I still haven't
had time to paint, so I thought I'd show you something
I want to paint from the Alaska trip.
This little waterfall was in Skagway at the musher's
camp. We had just taken a ride on the dog sled,
pulled by 16 eager, mixed breed dogs. I really wanted
to get this photograph, and only had a few minutes to
do it. I know that this little scene may not seem that
special to people in Alaska, or even those in the West
around scenery like this. But in Louisiana, first of all,
there are very few rocks. And our water doesn't run
downhill, because there are very few hills. And the
water happens to be slightly muddier than this. So I
love this little scene, and I was able to paint it during
our trip. (someone purchased it) I will do another one
as soon as I finish some of my commission pieces.
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