Thursday, August 30, 2007

A work still in progress

I am still working on this pastel/colored pencil of the
Alaska stream. Those are the pastels on the left,
and the colored pencils on the right. That is also a
tivo remote, and probably one of the reasons I haven't
finished the drawing! I love watching TV, and I am
easily distracted by it. I will just listen to it though, and
concentrate on my artwork. It just depends what is on.
I am a big "Lost" fan, and I am waiting for that to
start again. I love old movies, and they are often on
when I am working. I am a night-owl, and stay up late
drawing and painting.

A lot of artists I know are late night people. I just don't
do real well in the morning. It takes me awhile to get
going everyday. But I come to life after dark, and really
enjoy working late at night.

Keep watching...this should be finished soon!
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