Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To Ram or not to Ram

When we toured Denali Park, we were all on
a school bus with a guide. Our faces were
pressed to the windows scanning the landscape
for any sign of wildlife. I had waited years to
go to this park with the purpose of seeing
some. Over an hour into the park, all we
had seen were a few ptarmigan (the state
bird), and lots of snowshoe hares. When
we finally stopped to turn around, the
guide had a spotting scope set up, and we
could barely see these Dall sheep perched
up on a mountain ridge in the distance.
It was impossible to see them with the naked
eye, and I don't know how she spotted them.
On the way back, we briefly saw a female
moose in the brush for a fleeting moment.
I really respect the photographers that must
spend hours and days there to capture the
images that you see of Alaska. The only great
photos I got were in the Anchorage Zoo!

Dall sheep orig watercolor 4 x 4 $20.00
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