Thursday, August 9, 2007

Puffin Power

I did this fun little painting
while I was on my trip to
Alaska. I was hoping to get
to see some of these neat
little birds, (but I never did).
I love the graphic elements;
the red, yellow, black color
scheme, the nice shapes...
I am working on some
commission pieces, so I won't
be posting any new pieces for
a few days. One of my fellow
travelers to Alaska was interested in me doing some watercolors of his
city, Salt Lake, and I am currently working on them. I also have some portraits
to do: one is a grandmother who is very ill, and they want the drawing soon;
another is a set of photos of a mom in her yellow dancing costume when she was
about 7 years old, and her daughter, at the age of 7 in the same costume...too
cute. I am waiting to hear from a customer in Arkansas about doing some
children's portraits for her, too. So, I will be tied up for awhile. But commissions
are wonderful, and they help pay the bills! If you would like to see some of
my portrait work, there is some on the website:
Puffin Power original ink & watercolor 5 x 7 $30.00
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