Monday, September 3, 2007

"Big, broad land way up yonder"

This is a watercolor of a glacier by a lake where we stopped
during the trip. It was quite cold standing by the water, and
there was a cool breeze as well. The water in the lake was
the most beautiful turquoise, and the air was crisp. I think
this is the type of scenery one has in mind when they think
of Alaska.

I found this beautiful poem by Robert Service:

"It's the great, big, broad land way up yonder.
It's the forests where silence has lease.
It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder.
It's the stillness that fills me with peace."

I am going to take a break from painting for the "Palms to Pines"
show for awhile. I have a show to do in San Antonio in one month, and
I am going to be working on some things for it. I will share
them on this site as well. I grew up in San Antonio, and this is
the first show I have done there. I am excited about painting
my hometown, and hope to do well at the show, the River Art
Group show in La Villita Oct 5 & 6. I hope you have enjoyed
this journey through palms and pines as much as I have. Stay
posted for more "art of the day." Thanks for viewing.

Glacier Lake original watercolor 10 x 12 $100.00
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