Sunday, September 2, 2007

In the Shadow of His wings

This is another one of my finished colored pencil drawings that will
be included in the Palms to Pines show. I love flamingos;
they are such graceful and gawky birds all at the same time. They
get their name from the Latin word for "flame". In the wild,
they live 20 years; in captivity, they can live up to 50. Adults are
about 5 feet tall and weigh 6-7 pounds. Their webbed feet support
them on the mud. What we think are their ankles are actually their
knees. They live in large colonies in the wild and are very social.
Both parents take part in the nest building which is a mud mound
around two feet tall and 12-20 inches in diameter. They usually lay
a single egg. They are very defenseless, and usually fly away for

I have written a scripture on this drawing: "Keep me in the
shadow of Your wings."

"In the Shadow of His Wings" original colored pencil 22 x 30
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