Monday, September 17, 2007

"Gregory Peck"

I have painted dozens of roosters over
the years. They never seem to go out
of style. We had roosters in our
kitchen growing up, and I have them
in my kitchen today.
They have such an attitude. If you have
ever watched one, they really know they
are in charge, and that they are beautiful.
"Gregory Peck" original watercolor
7 x 10 $40.00 SOLD
I am an artist working on paintings and drawings to be entered in various shows.
On this blog you will find work for a show titled: "From Palms to Pines" featuring
work from my trips to Key West and Alaska. There is also work for a show in
San Antonio in October: the River Art Group show in La Villita. All the pieces are
for sale unless marked "sold". Thanks so much for viewing. Leave me a comment;
I love to hear your thoughts.
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