Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hill Country Blues

Growing up in San Antonio,
we were right on the edge
of the hill country. I spent
a lot of time there, and still
think it is some of the most
beautiful scenery there is.
Kerrville and Fredericksburg
are two of my favorite places.
And there is nothing more
breath-taking in the spring than the
carpets of bluebonnets
spread across the countryside.
Whenever I go home, I try to at least drive through some of the hill country. I enjoy
the wildflowers and the vistas, the cattle and the whitetail deer. I am looking forward
to passing that way again soon.
Hill Country Blues orig watercolor 8 x 10 $45.00
I am an artist who uses this blog to post my art completed each day for upcoming
shows and exhibitions. There is work on this blog for a show featuring work for
a show titled: "From Palms to Pines: Work from Key West and Alaska" There is
also work for an upcoming show in San Antonio in October. All of the pieces are
for sale, and you can contact me if you are interested. Thanks so much for viewing.
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