Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is part of the cathedral in downtown
Santa Fe. (I know it's not in San Antonio,
but it still is Spanish architecture!) When
I go to San Antonio next week, I plan to
try to paint some of the churches there.
There are some beautiful ones. I especially
love the Catholic church building that is in
the middle of the downtown department
store (it used to be Joske's...I think it is
Macy's now). The church would not sell
out to the store, so they built around it.
I believe the church is St. Joseph's. I
want to paint it while I am there.

Santa Fe Cathedral 7 x 10 $45.00

I am an artist using this blog to post artwork that I am
completing each day for various shows and exhibitions.
The older work on the blog is from Alaska and Key West.
The current work is for a show in my hometown of San
Antonio in October. If you are interested in any of the
pieces, they are all for sale, and you can email me with
any questions. Thanks so much for viewing.

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