Friday, August 15, 2008

Drawing Time

I felt like getting back to drawing for a few
days. Doing the collages has taxed my brain.
Drawing is very relaxing to me, and I get lost
in the process.
I am in the process of planning our painting
trip for next year. We are going to go to
Paris for 10 days. I will tour and sketch and
paint some of the scenery. I already have
several signed up, and there are still some spots
left. There are a couple of optional side trips
available: to Normandy, Versailles, Giverny,
and Chartres.
I went to Paris several years ago, but only for
3 days, and the weather was terrible. I didn't
get to see or do many of the things I wanted to.
So maybe this time will be better. If you would
like some info on the trip, just email me.
Gail Shelton artist
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