Sunday, August 3, 2008

Starfish Sketches

Still fooling around with some sea shell sketches..I
have some square canvases I need to paint, so I'm
trying to come up with a pair of shells. May do a
few more till I really like them.

Had an interesting day today at the marketing
seminar. I learned a few things and made a
couple of contacts. I did win the big door prize:
two nights at a resort in Galveston, Texas?!
I guess I will pack up and go to the beach!
Good thing I am interested in doing some
sea shell things....maybe I can get some
resource material!

I talked to a couple of artists today about
doing a blog. I hope they follow through, and
if any of you are reading this...welcome!
It's a great way to measure your progress
and communicate about your artwork.
Any help I can offer, feel free to email me.
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