Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flowers and Ferns

It was really slow at the gallery today, and I did this
little mixed media piece. It is done on watercolor
paper, and I did the wet-into-wet washes in the
background, letting the colors blend on the page
first. Then I used some rubber stamps to do the dark
green design in the corners, and enhanced them with
some colored pencils. Then I painted the flower
and fern design in white acrylic over it all. I
added a few more colored pencil accents, and then
I cut the painting into four parts. I would like to
do something like this on 4 different canvases;
this was a practice. I will play with mounting
them on different colored backgrounds, etc. fun..

I will include some of these in the Costa Rica show
this fall. They are inspired by the foliage and
flowers that we saw along the way.

Gail H. Shelton artist
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