Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going coconuts....

In anticipation of my show featuring work
from the Costa Rica show, I decided I needed
to get in gear and get some things finished!
I had started this colored pencil drawing
awhile back, so I have been working on it to
try to get it done.

Usually when I do a colored pencil drawing, I
only use the pencils, and layer them to build
up color and value. On this piece, I thought I
would try to lay down some watercolor washes
first to put in some base colors to build the
pencil on. It has worked fine, and saves a lot of
time. I still have to layer the pencils to build
up the colors, but not quite so much. I should be
able to finish it up tonight.

"Going Nuts" original colored pencil/watercolor
22 x 30 $750.00
Gail H. Shelton artist
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