Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lost Edges

I had started this pencil drawing of this little
girl awhile back, and I felt in the mood tonight
to get it finished. It is 15 x 22, a half sheet of
watercolor paper. I took the photograph years
ago at the kindergarten school. I don't know
her name; I wish I did. Anyway, I included a
photo of my tools of the trade. To do a pencil
drawing, I use very simple things.
1. Paper: 140 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper
2. a #2 pencil
3. a woodless pencil: used for dark shading/
does not have a wood exterior...it's just solid
4. blending stump: rolled and pressed paper
used for softening and blending the shading
5. an eraser, usually a Magic Rub
6. a sharpener (I have an electric one that is
just about had it). The small one does fine.
7. reference photo

One of the techniques of drawing involves what
is called a "lost edge". When part of your subject
is in the light, you can simply leave part of if
"un-drawn". There is no line where the edge
should be. Usually another part of the subject
will help define that line in some way, and your
eye will fill it in. This happens on the little girl's
right side, and along her face. Her arm and the
rest of the shadows on her face define the edge.
It's always fun to see if you can pull it off.

I haven't decided on a title yet. still pondering...

Orig Pencil drawing 15 x 22 $350.00
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