Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Artist at Work

Mr. John Kemp from Louisiana Life magazine
came today, and interviewed me. He was passing
through Winnfield about a month ago, and stopped
in the shop. I met him that day, and I mentioned
coming back sometime to possibly do an article.
(I never really thought he would come back!) But
he called last week and set up the interview for

He is a very gracious, intelligent, and knowledgeable
man. There are many of his articles online, and
he has also written several books. He recently
wrote the text for Julia Sims photography book
about the Louisiana swamps (close to my heart as well!)
He covered my entire life I think, with questions
about my early education, my teaching career, the
gallery and our building, the business end of my
art endeavors, and all about my art itself. It was
fun to talk about it all, and he was actually interested
in listening!! (that's a joke about men who never
listen...ha!) Anyway, the article will not come out
in the magazine for awhile. It may be several months
to a year. I will certainly let everyone know when
the publication date arrives....too cool.

(that's me pretending to be hard at work..very posed!)

Louisiana Life might want

to subscribe!
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