Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Foxes/Big Gators

This is a photo of a fox (in Alaska). I used

this photo as a reference for the "RiddlePic"

above....."red fox" (can be the actor or the


This is another photo and the drawing that

resulted of a gator in the water.

So, why foxes and gators? Well, every evening

now for the last week, I have been seeing a fox

near my house. I have been putting out some

cat food for him, and he seems to like it. And

tonight, I stayed and watched, and there are

two of them...little foxes.

And then, I spoke to someone today that

asked if I had seen some gators on my recent

swamp tour (I did), so I thought I would post

this photo and artwork for her. And by the

way, she loves "Swamp People", and she lives

in Boston!

I am finishing up the coasters and will post

them when they are dry. too cool

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