Monday, June 27, 2011

Caddo for Certain

Lotus blossom at Caddo Lake

The lake is full of these lotus plants

I am back from Dallas, but along the way,

I managed to spend a few minutes at

Caddo Lake in east Texas. I wanted to see if

the lotus were blooming, and yes, they were!

This is the lake I mentioned a few weeks

ago; there is a cabin there I am interested

in staying in, maybe with a small painting

group. It is certainly a possibility. The

scenery is beautiful, and looks like a "watercolor

painting waiting to happen".

Some of these images will be included in the

show in the fall. I was able to get lots of great

coordinating merchandise and decorations (with

the help of my daughter!) at the gift market

in Dallas. The new things will be arriving soon,

and the Christmas things will be delivered in

September. We'll have lots of new things in

the shop, so come by and see what's new.

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