Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Purple Passion

I received some sad news yesterday. One of

my aunts passed away, my mom's youngest

sister. Aunt Elaine was mentally handicapped,

and lived with my grandmother until she died.

When I was a child, I stayed with her often

in the summer. We would eat peanut butter and

jelly sandwiches together, and watch "The Secret

Storm". She loved to sew, and she would make

the most beautiful doll clothes, decorating them

with sequins and beads, all hand sewn with devotion.

We would dress her dolls, and play house with

them. Purple was her favorite color, and she loved

anything that color: clothes, jewelry, pillows, scarves.

And she also LOVED Elvis Presley, and listened to

his records on her little record player. She was an

intriguing soul...a young girl inside a woman's body...

just wanting to play and be carefree, but often faced

with grown-up realities she could not face. We could

all learn lessons from her: to find joy in the simple

things in life and to use our hands to make beautiful

things. We all loved her, and she will be missed.

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