Monday, January 21, 2013

A View of the Show

This is Brad, and he makes vintage angels, birds, etc.  He was one of my
neighbors, and he and his wife were very helpful.

One of his angels....neat

This is a mosaic using vintage t cups, and
shades of blue...beautiful, and lots of hard work!

This is Susan, and she makes the

This is Mike, and he sells leather purses and wallets made by the Native
Americans.  He lives in Phoenix, and reps their handiwork.  Nice guy!

These are some of the designs on the bags.

I was able to go upstairs today and try to show you how large this
show is.  This is just the Cash and Carry section.  Through that door is
the Cash and Carry Vintage Home section, filled with antiques,
reproduction furniture, etc.  

I am all packed up and ready to come home.  It was a
great experience.  I met and talked to SO many people
and business owners, showing them my products and
introducing myself.  I did sell some things, but I hope to
get some online orders as well.  I have already
committed to come back in June and do it again.

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