Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dallas Day One

Early this morning...on the road

This is the InfoMart...this is where the buyers come to buy electronics.
It is next door to the World Trade Center.

And here it is!

Ready to unload

This is inside the Suburban...this is all of the breakable stuff.

This is after they delivered this much to the booth.  Now to set up.  

This is a start...will finish setting up tomorrow.

Well, I made it this far.  There was very little traffic today, and I made
it here with no problem.  I got everything moved out of the
trailer.  I have an inside storage area for extra merchandise,
so it is all there until I need it.  I will finish unloading all the
breakable windows and framed artwork in the morning.  I have
someone coming to help me.  We should have the booth
finished before the end of the day.  woohoo!
Now, for a hot bath and a movie....

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