Thursday, January 3, 2013

Doors and Windows

I am on a working vacation in San Antonio!  I went to this store
It is in downtown, on the wrong side of the tracks!  It is in a really
large warehouse (no heat or air conditioning?!) But if you are
looking for ANYTHING to remodel a building or house, it is here.

It was FULL of all kinds of doors and windows, any size
or kind you could imagine.  There were mantels,  and
other architectural odds and ends.

They had every kind of hardward for anything you could need.  These key
plates were amazing.

And these door plates covered a whole wall.

This is the owner..he told me he had been in business for
25 years.  And he said that a lot of people bring the merchandise
to him.  He used to tear down buildings and houses, but he said
he turns them down now.

And then some hot chocolate!  We had to warm up after being in the
ice cold building.  We enjoyed some at Shilo's, an old German
delicatessen in downtown, near the Riverwalk.  yummy

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