Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Icy Awards

So, this is post # 1701.  Seventeen hundred posts so far..wow  It has been fun and challenging to 
find so many ways to share my thoughts and my artwork over these past few years with all of you.
Here's to many more!
First of all, we are having very bad weather here in Louisiana.  That is rain turning to ice on the pines, and it is making the roads dangerous. (I know all of you in Alaska are smirking...)  I was leaving for Dallas today, but now it will be tomorrow.

Another reason I am leaving tomorrow is that I had to attend a reception tonight sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  I was honored to receive the "Business Person of the Year" for 2012.  I was quite humbled and excited. 

This is the entire group that was honored tonight.  The Lion's Club
received the Spirit Award for their contributions to the community.
The Humane Society received the Volunteer of the Year award,
and Delta Tire received the Business of the Year.  We were all
very pleased to be selected, and it was a lovely evening.  This was 
my statement:
"I have been blessed by God with a creative spirit, and I try to 
use it in all my endeavors.  I want to offer a great place to shop, 
eat, and view art, always acknowledging God as the source of all 
my blessings.  I appreciate all of my employees who work very 
hard to make our business successful...I have not done it alone.
My husband's faithful support of all of my ideas has been a key 
to anything I have accomplished.  And our loyal customers have 
supported us as well, for without them, we could not keep the 
doors open.  So, to all who have helped make the Pea Patch a reality,
from a loving God to a loving husband and family, from loyal 
employees to regular customers, thanks from the bottom of my 


Hopefully, I will be posting from Dallas soon!

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