Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time to Sculpt in Caldwell

I have been driving from Winnfield to San Antonio
for close to 35 years?!  I go through Caldwell, Texas,
a small town in central Texas.  A pretty plain little place...
a Dairy Queen, a couple of gas stations, AND these fascinating
I don't know anything about them, except that they
are in a yard on a corner, and every time I pass by, there
are more of them!  They are welded..and are all pretty
different.  I took these pics from my car at dusk...
they do not do justice.  But I didn't want to
be wandering around in some wacky artist's front yard with
a camera, near dark, in a small Texas town..
(sounds like a line from a novel).
Anyway, if anyone knows anything about them or the artist,
I would love to know.  I have never had the guts to go up and ring
the doorbell.


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